Visiting my LYS

I took a leap out of my comfort zone this week and read some fiction. I’m not much into the fiction scene for my own reading, but I needed a break from my depressing non-fiction. I just finished Debbie Macomber’s The Shop on Blossom Street…and I loved it! I had only planned to read the one, but now I feel like I want to know more about what happens to the characters (whose friendship blossoms after a knitting class in their LYS). I picked up this book after I saw an interview of the author on Knitting Today. I was curious to see how she combined her love for knitting and writing in her books. There were so many things that I appreciated about Debbie’s style–from her ambition to write while raising 4 children, to overcoming dyslexia, to her Christian beliefs that keep her books clean. I really planned to read this book and then get back into my non-fiction but I’m interested to see what happens to these characters as the series develops. We’ll see if I take another leap of faith in the literary department…

But to top it off, I entered for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, my LYS–Fibre Space. I found it by accident in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. It made me feel like I was in A Good Yarn (the name of the yarn shop in the book), watching women laughing and knitting together on a couch and seeing all the skeins of yarn. I had to stop myself before I called the owner Lydia. I think she thought something was wrong with me–LOL–but I don’t get out much…and being in Fibre Space made me feel as if I stepped into the world of the book–into some type of yarn-candy-fantasy that I’ve been dreaming of. And I can’t wait to return! I’m so happy that Fibre Space is in my backyard! Now I just need to learn to drive so I can go there more…


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