I sewed once upon a time…and I’m about to sew once again

I have sewed a pillow, a backpack, half of pants, and a duster in my 26 years of life. The first three items were sewn when I was an overgrown teenager in a kid’s sewing class at G Street Fabrics. The duster was made during my college years at my best friend’s house who is a whiz on the machine. Now I’ve just received a beautiful dress from UAE and I decided that I’m going to hem it and make a slip for it…and make Noora a sundress too. But the sundress may have to wait til next year…Right now, my focus is finishing this slip and the hem of this dress before Ramadan comes in, so I can wear it for iftar (the breaking fast meal).

It’s gonna be a weekend extravaganza–stay tuned for my progress!


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