Me Handling Me…Amidst Teaching Crochet

Today I went into a community center to teach crochet. Three students awaited me with happy, smiling faces full of light on couches. I rushed to be on time for them–I only had a few minutes to spare and couldn’t be late after that post. You know the one. They followed me into the room. A woman came in with them who wasn’t signed up for the class. She had no knowledge of a crochet class going on. But she sat down, paid for the class, a hook, two skeins of yarn, and learned the craft. Another student came in a little late, but got right to work quickly and it seemed to be logical for her. I had one student working on a pattern, and the rest were all absolute beginners, but they all learned to make a slip knot, chain stitch, and single crochet today. While I may have to reteach some stitches, I can’t imagine spending my Saturday mornings without these ladies. I pray they stick with crochet–I think it can be a little frustrating in the beginning, especially when your teacher can’t be one-on-one with you during the whole class, but I pray that I did them and the craft justice and that they’ll stick with me through it all…pregnancy brain and all (man, was I chewing some words up!). Overall, I’m amazed…at their drive, timeliness, and ambition to enter my world…a world that is as much in the past as it is in the present and future. A world that too few dare to enter. They are right on time.

Sr. Halima, I handled me. They handled them. And we handled some crochet stitches with smiles amidst the furrows in our foreheads! And what I’m thinking now is the possibility of the fruition of an idea that I’ve held in the back of my head and my heart for a long time…maybe this can be our Zaynab’s Circle, a circle of sisters crocheting together for charity in the example of Zaynab ibn Jahsh…but first I need crocheters. I know, I know…my high hopes…I’m getting ahead of myself, but if all goes well…hey, why not? No one’s committed to the idea but me…yet…so I can’t make any fuss…yet….:)



  1. KUDOS & Thumbs Up and everything in between!! Your students were meant to be with you at THIS time – how fortunate they are-! Absolutely LOVE using Zaynab bin Jahsh and her contributions as inspiration of OUR own. Interested in a “satellite” assistant to teach a few teens & pre-teens here in Richmond at IHSA? Check out our site to see if they may make the grade.

  2. GREAT IDEA! You could even get a no-crocheting grandma to learn the hook ‘n stitch for a sisters’ charity circle modeled after one of our mothers of the believers, Zaynab. I’m so glad your class went well today, Alhumdu Lillah. You are such a talented teacher, your students are blessed to have you. Maybe you’ll gain a lefty in your next class:)

    • Alhamdulillah Mom! It’d really be great for you to join us though I haven’t even proposed my charity circle idea let alone started it…and to think, I was thinking of capping off the class today at 4 beginners. We’ll make it 5 inshAllah! 🙂 BarakAllahu fiki for joining me over here on Good AfterNoora!

    • As Salaamu Alaikum Sister Rahima! I was also, so very impressed after hearing about a crochet circle with Zaynab’s life serviing as our role model! I’m anxiously waiting to hear about this week’s class…

      • As-salaamu alaikum Sr. Halima!!! 😀

        I actually wasn’t going to write a post during this week’s class, but suffice it to say that it was fantabulastic! I will write again on the crochet class when my students make something worth showing inshAllah…a kind of show-and-tell online! Stay tuned…

  3. masha’Allah- crochet has weaved in and out of my life since my great aunt first taught me at around age 10. after outfitting all of my barbie dolls in tube dresses and completing an uneven scarf, i put down the hook until college, when crocheted kufis and tams were in. then, i had a kufi selling stint in yemen but had difficulty finding quality yarn in my later travels.
    now, i’m a new mom and realizing that i have a gift to share with my girl that doesn’t have to wait until she’s 10…it can start right now. while sweaters and scarves aren’t suitable for our current climate, i have big summer plans of buying delicious yarn during our vacation in the US and making crocheted dolls and toys for her, insha’Allah.
    thanks for the inspiration! barak Allahu feek!

    • MashAllah, so happy to have inspired you and so happy that you’ve picked up the hook again! I, myself, picked it up and placed it down about three times and now I’ve picked it up and can’t-won’t-refuse to put it down! Are you on ravelry , dear sis? If not, I enjoin you to join us–there’s a whole sisterhood of stitchers to be found there…including me, who you can find under the username “Mashkurable”. 🙂

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