Writer. Artist. Educator. Researcher. Wife. Mother.

Welcome to my world, and thank you for your patronage! The above words–labels–roles are all very important to me. I try to fulfill each of them in the best way possible. Sometimes I’m more of one than another. At times it seems that I’m starting out fast and slow at the same time–I have so many ideas. I am part-time everything, but always a full-time mother.

I’m formally trained as an art teacher, but it was my occupation as a stay-at-home mother that led me to delve deeply into the creative arts, namely crocheting and writing. When I’m not curled up with a book or a pen (keypad?) in my hand, I have a hook and a ball of yarn. Of the many things I aspire to do, crocheting is my go to for stress relief and relaxation. It is my therapy. I crochet almost everyday. I appreciate you supporting my hobby, my therapy, my love, so make sure you come back to see what new things I’ve been crafting. I envision a world rich with high standards of education, moral literature, and warm, fuzzy things made out of yarn. Join me in my quest to warm this cold world up.

For more about my literary musings and career in art education, well, now you know where to go. You can find a detailed corpus of my published works so far here.


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