The Last Hurrah!

I only had one request before the birth of my second daughter. Two days away from my due date. I wanted to make it to The Textile Museum’s Celebration of Textiles 2012 Festival. And I wanted to be there by 11:15am…to see a Ms. Leanne Reuter… shear. a. sheep. Yes, it’s all coming full circle now, isn’t it? With all of my emphasis on learning the old fiber-related handicrafts, it occurred to me that even though I have seen sheep, I have never seen a sheep sheared. So I wanted to see the origins of yarn and the process by which it gets off that sheep. And with my city girl fiber obsession, I needed this. I needed a day surrounded in my kind of furry world to see something I’ve never seen before…and share it with Noora and my DH. Before the dawn of baby #2.

And my request was answered! Even though my husband isn’t into textiles and fibers, and even though I was having contractions…we made it! And Noora loved it. And I loved seeing Noora in my world. She actually got a mini tour, if you will, of almost my entire textile-fiber education in college during this festival. But she learned it much quicker than I. All in one day she pet a sheep (but wasn’t feeling the alpaca love), saw a sheep and alpaca shearing, then carded the wool by hand and by machine, spun it with a drop spindle (I didn’t even learn that in college!), and weaved with it. It took me one semester to learn all of that…and I still didn’t get to spin! But on the other hand, I did get to dye my own yarn and basketweave and..and…and…needless to say, I’m happy today. With all the nesting that I’ve been doing and (also frantic crocheting and knitting to finish up some wips), I needed a day to just relax and be me, a total fiber junky, amongst other fiber junkies. Today was a beautiful return to a world that I once knew and am continuing to know…a world that I can’t wait for my dear Noora to know. A world that rekindled beautiful memories and glimpses of the past, all the while making new memories for our growing family alike! What a great initiation into the world of fiber love it was for my dear Noora!

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P.S. It turns out the sheep was very pregnant…just like me! Maybe this was her last hurrah, too, eh? The treat of a nice new haircut without the weight of the wool on her shoulders before baby?


What’s up with the owls?

So, have you noticed all the owls floating around? They are everywhere! On fabric, jewelry, hats…it’s hard not to find them! But I wondered why they were popping up everywhere…so I googled the fashion trend and here’s what I found. Owls are flexible…adaptable, if you will, to many aesthetic tastes. For instance, they can be seen as symbols for wisdom, intelligence, protection, or mysticism, and depending on the colors and depictions used, they can be serious, whimsical, cute or scary. So they are versatile to grown-folks and little-folks tastes. And I must admit, they are growing on me. I saw the cutest matching mommy and me pajama set in a catalog…I yearned for Noora and I to be twins. (Yeah, I have this thing for matching with Noora). But since my husband and I decided not to dress Noora in clothes with figural embellishments when it could be avoided, I won’t buy those pajamas. But that doesn’t mean that those fowls still aren’t cute…especially when they are appliques or make up the entirety of a little person’s hat. I’ll just settle on making this Forest Friends Hoodie for Noora, or the Springtime Friends equivalent by Anji Beane….complete with Moroccan hood (YEAH! Now that’s a touch I love!)…and I’ll probably end up trying to make one for myself too…of course, fowls and other animal friends excluded. Anyways, by the time I get to this pattern, the trend will probably have moved on to mushrooms or snails. And that’ll be right on time for the embellishments that I’m going to add instead of our furry creature friends :). But on the other hand, there’s always the Ermeline Moroccan-esque jacket, and the matching mommy-counterpart…just saying! we could be twins…next fall!

Trip to the Farm!

Today, my dream came true. Noora got introduced to a farm. We tagged onto a local Muslim Montessori school’s field trip and had the time of our lives. It was amazing to be back on a farm. I don’t think I’ve been on a farm to pick vegetables since elementary school. Granted, they actually didn’t have the vegetables in the ground…(they were already picked and just laying around for the little ones), but actually picking vegetables as a child is a fond memory I have with my grandma and mom, who both spent a great deal of time living on a farm. Our family farm in Alabama…which I have no idea how to get to now…but I do remember picking blueberries and blackberries as a toddler…that was my job. And in elementary school, I picked potatoes and leafy greens…and man! Was it refreshing to see freshly picked greens today…not the ones that are sold to us in the stores…but really green…greens…

But back to the topic, Noora got to pick out a pumpkin and gourd, ride on a non-hay? ride, and feed some chickens, pigs, horses, and goats. She picked out her own apple from the farm’s store and took a bite out of it. (What a relief that there was a complimentary apple included in the trip–I guess Noora was really feeling one with nature)! I, on the hand, had the most fabulous Pumpkin Spice Slushie that I’ve never had…but I know this is the best, and it soooo beats that junk they sell you at 7-Eleven. Noora took that from me too…hmmmmm…..She really had a great time, and so did I, and I pray that we will continue to build memories of the farming life just like my mother and grandmother did with me. Can’t wait til Spring (inshAllah)!

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