Feminine Football Motif Set

My sister-in-law is expecting…did I tell you? Well, the pressure is on to crochet something for her little one…but that’s no fun with my carpel tunnel. So I have to work up something quick and fast. The baby shower is today. Yes, sometimes I procrastinate. But it really wasn’t my intention.

Football Motifs

I’d been looking for a football motif pattern because my sister-in-law is a HUGE football fan. I looked through the boys and girls racks at the stores, but couldn’t find anything that said feminine and sporty, so I thought I’d make a shirt for her unborn daughter which celebrates her mom’s interest while still staying feminine. So I found this football motif here and I’m using it à la Linda Permann’s Tiny Tee Appliqués pattern (see the book, Little Crochet). So out came the embroidery floss–and this is the first time I’m crocheting with embroidery floss and a size B hook. It actually only took like 1-2 hours to do the motifs, but I waited a whole week and half to sew them on! I waited until today, the day of the baby shower! (I needed my mom’s help–I’m not that great of a hand-sewer….yet!)

Football-esque Mary Janes

On the car ride, I made some mary janes for my niece-to-be…how do you like that for last-minute crochet? (Though in retrospect, I must admit that I only gave her one of the mary janes as the other one still had a couple of rows to go…I added some football buttons I found at JoAnn’s too). Yeah, those aren’t handmade. Carpel tunnel, remember?!

Feminine Football Motif Set

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