Nursing Slip!

I finished my nursing slip today…AND I even put tucks in it (pattern was too big under the arm). In general, the pattern was a bit challenging. It required gathering and a whole bunch of fantastic work that I wasn’t prepared for. It’s a historical nightgown pattern that we made into a nursing slip for me to use under a beautiful semi-transparent dress that a dear friend sent to me. But I’m so happy that I had the help of my mom which made it even easier! I think there were several breakdowns on my part at trying to understand the pattern…next time (God-willing) I’m totally going for the patterns that say easy! Pictures of the finished product are soon to come–I’m just trying to figure out how I’ll show you. The slip itself is semi-transparent! (I think I’ll just leave it on the hanger and take a picture that way…:) )


My Baby Lock stitching some yellow batiste

The finished slip

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