Ribbed Cardigan Complete!

Okay, I didn’t make my deadline, but it’s finally complete. And it only took me one month. After making rows and taking out rows, Noora’s Petite Purple Cardigan is finally ready to be shown to the world. And shown to the world it was. It was featured on Linda Permann (the designer’s) blog, as well as the ravelry page for the sweater. Whoop whoop! I’m so proud of myself–my first sweater, and only my second crocheted apparel item ever!–I think my hooks and I are going to be friends for a long time…so here it is, roll out the red carpet…introducing Noora’s Petite Purple Cardigan, made in Omega Sinfonia mercerized cotton…perfect for the chilly days that come and go in the spring and summer! Oh, and I made those buttons too…

Noora's Petite Purple Cardigan

Yeah, I took a screen shots of my celebrity too….just in case you don’t click those links ;).

From Ribbed Cardigan Ravelry Page

From Lindamade's Blog


Noora’s Ribbed Cardigan

I know it’s been kind of quiet…you were due for two more sneak peeks by now, right? Apologies–I’ve been working on a sweater for Noora. It’s a spring/summer sweater designed by my favorite crochet designer, Linda Permann. I’m altering it to be 3/4-length sleeves because Noora dislikes having her arms covered, but it’s still chilly out!

So I’ve been working on the body of this sweater for a little over a week now. I was actually aiming to have the sweater done in a week–on the same day as Little Crochet‘s (the book the pattern comes from) one-week anniversary (April 12th). What ambition! I should have known better. Everything was going great except…

About 6 inches over the required size...

I completely lost gauge. Gauge, for those of you who don’t know, is the rule to live by in crochet. If you don’t have gauge, your pattern can completely go off. A baby sweater could turn into an adult sweater by being off 1/2 inch…and that’s exactly what happened to Noora’s sweater. That half an inch added up to be about seven inches over in the long run, in effect making a ribbed corset body for myself, not a sweater for Noora. What a pain, too, because I really struggled to finish the last ten rows in two hours on one night in an attempt to meet my deadline of completing the sweater by this Tuesday, April 12. Sighs.

See what a difference gauge makes? This is the difference between a 3.75mm hook and a 4mm hook.

Luckily though, there is ravelry, a sort of facebook for crocheters and knitters, where you can friend people…and talk about your issues. And guess who is in my friends list? Linda Permann–the designer of this cute sweater! She knows me by name now simply because of this sweater. The only idea I had was to just rip back the sweater until it was the appropriate size, in effect, lose some rows. Yep, rip out all the rows I worked until midnight to do on the last night. Shoot, if I only knew that then…thankfully though, Linda agreed that I should be able to proceed that way without having to do crazy math on the pattern, but reminded me to keep gauge with the rest of the sweater that I have to do…

I must admit that I broke a couple of rules during this project. I didn’t make a gauge swatch to begin with, and I didn’t size down my hook like I usually do (I always use a smaller size than the pattern calls for because my stitches are slightly looser than the more accomplished designers’). But I’ve learned my lesson now. Never again. And I’m so happy I discovered this before I made the rest of the sweater–the sleeves, the floral motifs…ah! Taking out about ten rows is much better than taking apart a whole sweater! So away with you Size 7 hook! I’m going to my trusty G hook so I can keep gauge and…finish this sweater…this time, by April 26th–the three week anniversary! I’m giving myself some leg room here….just in case…

Oh, and by the way, this is what the sweater is supposed to look like when it’s done.

Ribbed Cardigan by Linda Permann, photo courtesy of Linda's ravelry page

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