Couponing Adventures Take II

I am very happy today. Though I spent the whole week cutting out coupons (—>I let them pile up), I am very happy to report that we went shopping yesterday and saved 32% on our groceries! We also managed to stay around $50 in our total, and I am planning to never pay more than $50 for groceries ever again! All this to say, we are improving! We saved roughly $25 on this shopping trip, and I’m confident that we would have saved closer to 50% on all our groceries had a certain fellow–ahem!–stuck to my desire to only buy items we had coupons for. But it’s partly my fault too. I forgot the power of the raincheck for items that I would have gotten for nearly nothing had they been in stock. And that forced me to buy two items that I desperately needed but didn’t have the coupon for since they were a different brand than the items I planned. And it was stressful doing all that math on the spot! Oh, well. C’est la vie. We live and learn.

On a happier note, my pride and joy from shopping yesterday was in purchasing a Jack Daniel’s Barbeque sauce. It was on sale at the store for $2.99. My card savings brought it down to 99 cents. And I had a manufacture coupon for 75 cents off. Guess how much that sauce cost?! TWENTY-FOUR CENTS! I had a rush after that, and I am pleased to report that we will be couponing again on Sunday at Target and Safeway. My next plan of action is to search the internet for coupons for brands that we like instead of being beholden to the coupons that come in the mail. And I found a fabulous extreme couponing site that details the coupons and deals of the week at the stores I circulate–check out The Krazy Couponing Lady!

And on an even happier note, Noora has decided to mimick my couponing process today. I had to give her her own stack of (expired) coupons to sort through like Mami! Ah, I’m so pleased!


Couponing Adventures

If you watch TLC, I’m sure by now you’ve seen the commercials for a new TV series, called Extreme Couponing. It comes on right before the hoarding shows. If you haven’t, where have you been? I remember cutting out coupons with my grandma when I was little–it seemed to be the most time-consuming, boring thing. But now, looking at moms and dads who get at least two shopping carts worth of food for only $5, I’m re-thinking the time-consuming boredom for the overall savings. Just take a look at this clip from Extreme Couponing.

Grant it, some couponers seem to go overboard–hoarding their goods and buying things in quantities that no one needs, but if there was some sort of nuclear disaster, they’d be in business. But that’s not the type of couponing I want to do. I like the way the lady in the above clip does it. She started couponing for survival, is debt-free, and shops for what she and others in her community need. Sure, a few extra gallons of water for when the power goes out in the summer would be good. But I just don’t want to pay more than 50 bucks anymore, especially when I see these coupon divas getting much more for their buck. So hubby and I have decided to begin a couponing adventure, and hopefully, we’ll figure out how to get our grocery costs down to under $10, too. For this beginner’s trial run, we are putting our hopes at saving at least $10 with coupons. This is how we did.

We actually saved almost $50 with the bonus saving on our Safeway Club Card, and nearly $12 with manufacturer’s coupons! Though the price was still heftier than we’d like, our savings are promising for future couponing adventures–especially considering that we managed to do all this while Noora was throwing the-tantrum-of-her-life in the store.

Tomorrow is our next shopping day, and I’ve cut out all the coupons we’ve got. Now I’m just cutting coupons on anything we may ever need, just in case…and actively searching for coupons for the things we need instead of letting the coupons dictate what we’ll buy. Pray for our success…and if any revelations of how to correctly coupon come out of this, we promise to share.

P.S. We’re gonna have to order a coupon organizer now because the dining room table is covered with coupons, and Noora almost had coupons flying everywhere with her tantrum.

P.S.S. That’s a tip–bring all coupons to the store, you never know what will be on a surprise sale at the store. I learned that the hard way during the last shopping trip. Missed out on what would’ve been free pasta as a result! So far, the only other tips I’ve got are 1) buy stuff already on sale at the store, 2) try to double your coupons on those items, and 3) buy smaller sizes of items because they cost less.

Coupon Organizer from Two Happy Stampers Etsy Shop

Coupon Organizer from StacknRack

Coupon Organizer from GetOrganized!

P.S.S.S. Whaddya think of these? My fingers yearn for the more decorative, scrapbook-looking, feminine coupon organizers, but I have to keep hubby’s feelings at heart. I guess it’ll be the red and black one–it’s the cheapest too. I could always spice it up with something else crafty, right?! Plus, looking at couponers’ blogs, the accordion folders seems to be no good without velcro–too easy to fall and for coupons to go everywhere. A binder or an accordion folder with velcro that attaches to the shopping cart seems to be the way to go!

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