Work Vacation

I have been fulfilling a lot of local orders and with one more order to go, it’s about time for me to take a “work vacation”–to borrow the words of one of my favorite crochet gurus, Linda Permann. It’s not a vacation in the traditional sense, as I will be working all the way through it to tie in some loose ends, such as creating some new hat designs for the spring and summer, inking some of my neglected freelance writing projects, and playing with new patterns for Noora’s Nursery in both senses of the word. But first on my agenda is updating this website! So stay tuned–this website should be revamped hopefully by February 14th! Some sneak peeks and links for what I’m up to to follow, and if you just can’t wait to see what I’m hooking, you can always visit my ravelry project page which is always updated! I plan to be off my “vacation” by mid-March.

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