Welcome to Good AfterNoora!

It used to be Noora’s Nursery. It was cold outside…and an online storefront was born out of this artistically-minded mama’s desire to create unique and Islamically-inspired items for her baby daughter, Noora. It all started with a hat that I wanted to make to match all Noora’s multicolor coats. So I began to crochet, onlookers began to ooh and aah, and Noora’s Nursery was born!

I made items to order–customized to your unique specifications. But now this mama has retired Noora’s Nursery for a new adventure. A challenge, if you will…devoted to my journey in crochet and learning other historical arts of the hand (sewing, embroidery, cross-stitching, etc.) as well as parenting interests. Crafty things that I never thought I, a fine arts teacher, would get into until A.N. (After Noora). I didn’t think The Sandal, my primary blog devoted primarily to topics of Muslim interest, was the place to do it. So Good AfterNoora!

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